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Support us and Help Save Dudley Hippodrome!

We need to raise money to help with the costs of trying to save the Dudley Hippodrome. There are many tasks we need to complete to get us in a position where we stand out. For example, we need business plans. All these things cost money, as we need to pay for these professional services.

We want to raise the funds as soon as possible, as this campaign is very time sensitive.

The Dudley Hippodrome is threatened with demolition. We need to act swiftly to avoid this. Please consider making a donation, however small, to help us save this valuable and historic building and to restore it as a World Class Entertainment Venue for Dudley and the Black Country. Contact us for further information.

As you know, to get more publicity, merchandise and professional help to further the campaign to save Dudley Hippodrome, takes money.

A lot of good people work pro bono for us, which is VERY much appreciated. But, to keep the pressure on and spread the word about restoring, modernising and re-opening the Dudley Hippodrome, we urgently need help with the costs involved. We are unable to raise funds in the usual ways due to Covid.

If anyone is able to donate (whatever you can afford) either on a weekly/monthly basis or a one-off sum, you can do this either by standing order or bank transfer. These funds would be of immeasurable help for the group to make further progress.

The Hippodrome account is held at LLOYDS Bank in Dudley.
Account No: 44093160
Sort Code: 30-96-26
Name of Account is: Dudley Hippodrome Friends Group.

In the event that the campaign is closed, ALL MONIES in the account will be divided between 3 local charities and the account closed. Transparency is 100% guaranteed.

OR, you can support us via our GOFUNDME page. By using this platform, not only is your money kept safe by a third party, it is easy to spread the word and share with your friends! The more support we can generate, the better our chances of success!

Your donations are vital to the campaign. We hope you may be able SAVE DUDLEY HIPPODROME.

Please support us by signing our petition:

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Thank you

Save the Hippodrome!