Dudley Hippodrome

Dudley Hippodrome Front (artist's impression)

Dudley Hippodrome – A World Class Entertainment Venue for the Black Country

Dudley Hippodrome Friends and Community Group

Who we are

The Dudley Hippodrome Friends and Community Group (DHFCG) was formed in January 2020. We are a group of local people whose common passion is saving the Dudley Hippodrome from demolition. At present, we have 1.8 thousand members but are always looking for more to support us in our fight. Our mission is to preserve and protect the Hippodrome from needless destruction and ensure its full future potential is met.

The Hippodrome must be saved.

Our vision

The DHFCG is campaigning to see the beautiful art deco Hippodrome retained, restored and brought back into operation as a premier multi-purpose entertainment venue. Our vision is for this amazing part of our heritage to not only entertain and engage the wider community of Dudley, but also bring cultural tourism back to our town.

Artist's impression of the refurbished Dudley Hippodrome with new glass extension.

Support us

Are you interested? We enjoy the support of many people and organisations but we are always looking out for that extra bit of help. We need more volunteers to get involved with the campaign.  We especially seek those of you who have the skills and knowledge to help us push forward in areas such as raising of awareness, funding, drawing up of business plans and viability studies.

If you would like further information about the Hippodrome, our campaign and how you could help, you can contact us via our contact page.  Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are able to support us financially, you can donate to our campaign on our Support Us page.

Please sign our online petition to save Dudley Hippodrome.

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